For all our massage packages we offer the possibility of a shower with the masseuse for €20.

Tantric massage

Both men and women can enjoy the experience. Unlike a simple wellness massage or an erotic massage, tantric massage is practiced naked, omitting no part of the body. Inspired by ancestral techniques and movements. Immerse yourself in the discovery of heightened sensuality, through an experience from which you will emerge transformed.

30min : 150€

60min : 200€

90min : 300€

120min : 400€

Four hands massage 350€

Tantric massage with two masseuses who massage simultaneously.

Couples massage300€

The couple’s tantric massage offered by Les Chandelles invites the heightened awakening of the senses in the couple. It can help strengthen the passion and the bond that unites you by introducing you to other forms of carnal and bodily pleasure together thanks to our masseuse who massages you while guiding you in this sensory odyssey

Gourmandise massage 250€

Unlike a naturist massage, which takes into account all parts of the body, the gourmet massage focuses on an erogenous zone. The gluttony massage technique aims to provide pleasure and relaxation to the subject.

Les Chandelles massage350€

Massage with two masseuses who massage alternately

Soft bubble massage 350€

In preparation for the massage, a bath with essential oils in the company of your masseuse

Massage lounge

Our salon offers you a bubble of oxygen in your daily life

You will appreciate its calm and Zen spirit for total relaxation.

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